Sochi 2014 Olympics

I am a HUGE fan of the Olympics. What is about the Olympics that I love? I become Patriotic. I get to cheer for some of my favourite athletes. I get to see growth for our Canadian athletes. I get to see their inspiring stories. I get to watch amazing moments happen. I get to make new memories. The Olympics have always meant something to me, and I don’t really know why that is. I’m just a big sports fan like any other person in this world that we live in. I have this tendency to obsess over things that inspire me, and the Olympics was always an event that I obsessed over. I was always into events like the Pan Am Games, the X Games, the World Cup and so on, but nothing was as big as the Olympics.

It’s now day six of the Olympics in Sochi. I can’t be more proud to be Canadian. My favourite events are all in Freestyle Skiing/Snowboarding, and this is where a lot of our Canadians have excelled so far. Moguls Skiing is probably my favourite sport to watch. I’ll give my reason later. We got four medals alone in Moguls skiing. I am so proud of the La-Pointe sisters. I’ve been supporting Justine since she started competing on the world stage, and I’ve been supporting Chloe and Maxine since 2010. I was crying when I watched the Justine and Chloe go for Gold, and I was bawling my eyes out when Justine won the Gold medal. As for Slopestyle events, Mark McMorris is my new Olympic crush, and Dara Howell and Kim Lamarre are such huge inspirations to me. Charles Hamelin already added a Gold medal to his collection this week and I’m excited to see him compete for more. Our figure skating team did a great job competing in the new Team Event. I look forward to the individual competitions.

Okay so here’s my reason for loving Moguls Skiing so much. I found out about it when I was 12, it was the first event I saw on TV when I came home that day, and I witnessed Jennifer Heil win the Gold medal for Canada. Since then, I’ve looked up to Jenn and supported her and the sport. Her commentary during the Moguls event at the Olympics had me in laughter and wonder. Most of the time I had to ask myself if it was really her because it sounded nothing like her. Her commentary was informative and innovative, but sometimes very repetitive because of the repetitive jumps for the ladies event. There a lot of BEEEAUTIFUL and HUUUUGE in her commentary, which had me laughing near the end. I love Jenn, she’ll always be my favourite athlete, and she is one of my biggest role models. She actually replied to one of my messages and saw a video I made for her back in the day, so naturally I cried when I found out. haha.

Well that was a lot of writing. This isn’t a music post, but I’ll get on that soon. Have an awesome day. Go Team Canada! #WeAreWinter

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