Grammys 2014

This year’s Grammys was  a riveting one. Here were some of the highlights for me.

1. John Legend

John Legend’s performance of All of Me was the first performance that got me bawling in tears. His voice was full of emotional clarity, intimacy and purity. His soulfulness and genuine emotion transcended to the audience making him a highlight for me.

2. Beyonce

QUEEN B. Remember when Beyonce released her self-titled album by surprise? The world was shocked. Last night Beyonce opened the show with a sexy rendition of Drunk In Love, with her husband Jay-Z. (There was a butt grab… just a thought.) I was looking forward to seeing her perform, and she slayed it with her powerful vocals.

3. Lorde

What can I say. I envy her, and I’m so proud of her. What a year it has been for this 17-year old. Royals won two Grammys last night and each time, Lorde’s speeches were awkward, displaying me in everyday life. She performed a stripped down version of Royals last night. The lack of the layering and singling out the drums, a synth line and her vocals created a perfect harmony, resulting in a fantastic rendition of Royals.

4. Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar

In my opinion, this turned out to be a great collaboration. I’ll admit, I was looking forward to Dan ripping out some mad vocals, but the combination of rap and the percussion done by the band was unbelievably incredible. That performance was the definition of hype.

5. The Beatles

I was on the verge of crying. Seeing Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr together on the same stage once again after five years, had me feeling nostalgic and sentimental. They performed Queenie Eye on the Grammys to commemorate the 50th anniversary of them arriving in America. I also can’t forget to mention that a very stunning Julia Roberts introduced them.

6. Sara Bareilles and Carole King

Sara Bareilles is a personal favourite of mine. When I heard she would be performing with Carole King, I freaked out. Carole King is a legend. I couldn’t have been more proud of Sara at that very moment. They both performed on pianos (it looked like there would be a piano duel), and sang a medley of Beautiful and Brave. I loved every moment of it. Carole still has it! Also, I very much enjoyed that piano version of Brave.

7. 33 Weddings

I would be a fool not to include this as a highlight. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert, Queen Latifah and Madonna. One word. Iconic. The song Same Love is an iconic song itself; the fact that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have achieved this much success without the support of a record label is iconic. However, having a variety of couples get married in one night to the song Same Love to promote equality is ICONIC. Queen Latifah officiated the wedding, Madonna later joined the performance with Open Your Heart. I might have cried. This shows how powerful music is. It broke down the walls of racism, and it is now starting to open up the world to equality.

These were some of my highlights from the Grammys last night. There were numerous let downs last night like, a performance of Blurred Lines, Pharrell’s fashion choices, award disagreements and how there might have been too many performances. Regardless of the length of the show, I did enjoy it. Congratulations to all of the Grammy winners and nominees!


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