Music That Gets Me | Hey Baby – That Girl With Dark Eyes

Hi. Hey. Yeah, you. I’m talking to you. What’s up? That’s good. I like your shirt. Suits you well.

Haha, what was up with that intro though? Actually, I wouldn’t even call that an intro. I wasn’t introducing anything, therefore I can’t call that an intro. LOL, I dug myself into a hole I can’t get out…

ANYWAY. Hi (again). I’m in a particularly moody and weird mood today. This song I’m introducing today had me jumping and busting out my killer breaking moves today. Just kidding, I can’t break. I can pop and lock though. The song is an unreleased demo of ‘Hey Baby’ by ‘That Girl With Dark Eyes’. I’d say that this song is a funk/electro-funk/80s pop style. AKA, awesomeness. The song has a Chromeo-esque style to it, which is the lead synth riff in the intro and the breaks. The melody of the song is ridiculously catchy, I memorized the whole song in probably three listens. The arrangement of the song was well prepared. The intro starts off with a solid beat, and then builds up into the synths which was bang on. I am addicted. Props to TGWDE on creating this jam. I see a bright future for her. This is music that gets me.

I found out about “That Girl With Dark Eyes” from twitter. One day, this lovely individual followed me on twitter. The music junkie that I am checked out her music and instantly fell in love with her sound. So we started talking and stuff, one thing led to another, and guess what? I’m getting new pants. Dance pants. For her upcoming EP. She hasn’t announced a release date yet, but I am certain soon is probably within the next month or so. As I’m writing this post, I am finding out so many facts about her. For example, she’s big in Spain. She’s redefining the world of synth-pop in Spain. I also found out that she was in a Vancouver based band. She’s originally from SF. Also, she is a multi-instrumentalist. (Hi Tiffany. If you ever read this, don’t kill me for stalking you.)

You can check out “Hey Baby” below, and you can follow That Girl With Dark Eyes on twitter (@TGWDE) for updates on her upcoming self-titled debut EP. Have an awesome day!


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