MTGM | The John Wayne – Little Green Cars

Last night was a bit of a downer for me. A lot happened over the past few days, but I’m hanging in there. I had numerous moments of realization last night, that it felt like life smacked me in the face. I’m looking ahead now to bettering myself personally and physically.

Well that’s one very depressing yet somehow uplifting way to start this post. Anyway, onto the song. Last night I was going on my weekly music search and came across a band named “Little Green Cars”. The first song I heard by them was ‘The John Wayne’. This isn’t like the other songs I’ve posted earlier. It’s more of an Alt-Rock style. It starts off with a steady guitar riff that makes you feel calming and nostalgic (for me at least). When the vocals come in, you can hear the melodies and the harmonies that adds onto that calming feeling. The song later builds up and creates a feeling of excitement. The lyrics of this song are about how easily people fall in love and are then blinded by other factors in life. Of course another interpretation of this song could be on neglect and rejection. A lyric that hit me was “It’s easy to hate yourself when all your love is inside someone else”. I find this quote relevant and ironic; a person can give so much love to other people, they don’t take the effort to love their own self first. Self hate isn’t exactly a great thing to experience, which is why it’s important to love yourself first before reciprocating that love to others. This is music that gets me.

This just… wow. I got real motivating there. I hope that brightened up your day.

You can check out ‘The John Wayne’ by “Little Green Cars” below, and get their recent album “Absolute Zero” on iTunes.


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