MTGM | It Could Be – Ella Riot

Hullo lovely people! I feel a bit iffy today, so bear with me. I came into a little bit of a dilemma for choosing a song today. I had so many in mind; I’m trying to limit myself so that I don’t seem over obsessive.

With that being said, this is ‘It Could Be’ by Ella Riot. This band meshes two of my favourite genres together to create their sound (Dance and Pop). This will be your new jam (if you haven’t heard this yet). The song is so funky that it will make you want to put on those dance pants and bust out the running man. That makes me sound ancient. I’ll have you know that I’m actually a good dancer. I’ll show you one day. Anyway, like I said earlier, it’s a funky tune. Why? Funk is all about the bass. The bass in this song defines funk; the riff and the classic bass slap. The song also features a guitar amped with a nice use of the wah wah pedal. The synths and the use of reverb for the vocals in this song creates that 80s effect that I absolutely adore. This song had me at the intro, with the drums, then as soon as that bass line came in, I was sold. The chorus is catchy, the arrangement is effective and the male falsetto in the bridge is surprising, but in a great way. It amazes me how this song isn’t a hit yet.

Ella Riot’s lead singer is the nerdy introvert from NBC’s The Voice, Michelle Chamuel. It was because of her, that I found out about Ella Riot, The Reverb Junkie, her alter ego, as well as s/he, another side project of hers. I’m not going to lie, my inner hipster self was mad when I discovered Ella Riot during Michelle’s season on The Voice; mad that I hadn’t heard of them earlier. I swear to you, the day I found out about them, I became obsessed with them and their sound. This is music that gets me.

Y’all can check out ‘It Could Be’ below, and you can buy their album ‘Love Child’ on iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon. Hope you had a great day! Have fun listening to this jam. Be Happy, Be Awesome, Be You!


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