Music that Gets Me | Youth – Foxes

I’m starting a new segment. It’s called Music that Gets Me. It’s pretty self explanatory. Essentially, it’s like a “song of the day” type of thing, but this won’t be a daily thing. At least for now it won’t. I’m still trying to figure things out.
Here’s a song that has touched me in so many ways. Not literally, but it hit me in the feels. How would a song even hit me in a literal sense? wow this just got weird. The song is Youth by Foxes. I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah! I know who Foxes is! She sang Clarity!”. You’re right. She did. That’s how I discovered her too, thanks to my favourite producer Zedd. The song Youth is the first single from her debut album coming out in March. The song features great melodic synths, a catchy chorus, thoughtful arrangement, great vocals and a nice message as well. The song starts off softly and creates a buildup. As soon as the rhythmic sounds of the tom-toms and the bass come in, the song transforms into greatness. I fell in love with the song. What I like about this is, that it combines Alternative and Pop together. I’m a fan of piano and synths, so this song was an ideal for me. The movement that is associated in this song creates a nostalgic sound (if that’s a thing). The song makes me daydream and reflect on my day (she even sings “dream” a lot in the song).  It’s a song that gets me.
You can check out Foxes’ new single below, and pre-order her debut album on iTunes! Go do it!

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