Travis Garland

This is Travis Garland. He’s probably my all time favourite vocalist. He is underrated and also undiscovered, which blows my mind. This guy has SO MUCH TALENT. It’s ridiculous.

I first found him when he was in a boy band called NLT, who also featured Glee’s Kevin McHale who plays Artie. The band broke up after a few years, and Travis went on to continue with a solo career. Around two years ago, Travis released a single and ended up performing it on American Idol. That was a big break for him. Since then, he has released numerous mixtapes, and  covers songs on his Youtube channel. Anything he touches becomes gold. If you look at any of his covers, he adds an R&B style to it and makes it completely his own.
The link below is from his latest mixtape. It’s my favourite song off of it, and this is the live acoustic version of it. If you watch Dancing With The Stars, you’ll notice his guitarist is Mark Ballas who’s one of the show’s dancers.

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