We Are The In Crowd

This is another one of my favourite bands. We Are The In Crowd. This is one of my favourite songs from them, and my favourite version of this song. It’s called “Never Be What You Want”.

The lead singer is Taylor Jardine, and the male vocalist is Jordan Eckes. If you know who Paramore is, they were the first band I thought of when I found out about WATIC. I didn’t compare their music in any way, because they’re two completely different bands, but I compared the voices of the lead singers. As soon as I heard Taylor’s voice, I immediately remembered Hayley William’s voice. They both have strong and powerful female rock voices, and they almost have the same tone. Also, I liked how this band had a male vocalist as well. You don’t see that too often in many bands these days. I was kind of hooked to their sound afterwards, especially after I heard their live acoustic performances. I should go see them one day.

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