The Voice’s Michelle Chamuel returns with ‘Face the Fire’



Music That Gets Me | Black Diamond – AYER

I’ve been wanting to talk or… write about AYER for a loooooong time. Let’s dive right into it then.

If you haven’t heard of AYER, then welcome to world of AYER. AYER, otherwise known as Danny Schmittler, is an indie singer/songwriter. If you like pop, r&b, hip hop, AYER is definitely for you. Let me explain. His voice is so beautiful. You’ll understand the second you hear any song of his. He sings in such a smooth falsetto that it’s literally butter to the ears; an eargasm as some would say. I INSTANTLY fell in love with his voice and his music. The first song I heard from him was Young, and all I thought was, “SEXY VOICE. SEXY MUSIC.”. He has only released four songs, but so far, I think he’s doing a phenomenal job with his music. Can’t forget to acknowledge that he’s an adorable human and is hilarious online. haha. I’m looking forward to a future album by Danny.

The song I’ll be introducing to you is Black Diamond. If someone were to ask me why I love Indie Pop, this would probably be the song I’d show. All elements of the song are catchy, and well written. The arrangement is pure genius; it’s effective and it shows us the intimate parts of the song. (Edit: Micky Valen is AYER’s producer.) The production in this song is classic chilled pop. Different types of arpeggios at different times, a solid drum beat and a chorus to die for. The chorus is the best part about this song. He inserts harmonies together with his vocals, and in the B-Chorus, the melody gives you that sense of nostalgia. His harmonies show his range and his natural voice, he sings an octave lower to his falsetto. I also like that you hear some piano chords being played in the earlier versions of the chorus. Then there’s the little instrumental break that has an additional trumpets sound from the other instrumentals in the song. The lyrics are also a part of why I love this song. It’s simply written in a different way than your average lyricist. The analogies and metaphors in this one are not typical in a pop song, but he makes it work. This is music that gets me.

Please listen to this song by AYER and all of his other songs. Support this talented guy! You can listen to Black Diamond down below:

Summer Fun | Let’s Get Personal

I took a break from blogging over the summer. I thought I would have blogged considering how much I did, but I never got around to doing it.So I decided that I’d blog during the school year. That could change soon though. 🙂
This summer was a mix of long, lonely and exciting. I’m laughing at the irony of that sentence. My summer started with a volunteering job at Canadian Music Week. It was probably one of the most influential moments of my summer. I got to meet people who were in the music business, the media, bands, and got to work as well as network with fellow music lovers. Through this, I realized that my dreams of going into the music business really got to me and I wanted to make it happen. I worked the job in reception, mostly working in ticketing (mainly because it wasn’t as stressful). I was that kid that greeted the bands, delegates etc. and gave out tickets to shows. Maybe next year I’ll try a different route but I really enjoyed working in reception this year. I met a bunch of people from Durham College that are a part of the Music Management program, and I’m definitely looking into going there after I finish my degree.
Through CMW, I got into shows that I wanted to get into. I mainly wanted to see DIANA, ASTR, BROODS and Tegan and Sara. Story: when I went to see DIANA, ASTR played the same venue the same night, except their set was at 1:00 am. I had actually seen ASTR at the hotel when they checked in, but I didn’t want to disturb them. I even talked to them online prior to the show telling them whether or not I would have made it out. I ended up going, just couldn’t stay for their set. So i entered the venue, and whaddya know, the first person I saw was Kieran. We made eye contact, he smiled, I smiled, THEN I DIDN’T SAY HI. FML. I’m pretty sure he knew who I was because I messaged them a few times on twitter and Facebook. I even sat around him before their set, but I was too chicken to say anything. Anyway, the whole night I saw ASTR just chilling; Adam was more quiet, Zoe was the partier. Unfortunately I had to leave after DIANA’s set and I didn’t get to see ASTR live, but I did get to see them in the flesh. LOL.
I also got to see Tegan and Sara, Ellie Goulding and my new favourite band MAGIC! at fanfest. That was the first time I saw MAGIC! and EG live. I’ll probably get into those performances another time when I make song suggestions by them.
I also got to see HAIM for the first time. I went crazy. I pretty much cried. They are of course my other favourite band alongside T&S. Unfortunately I couldn’t meet them after the concert because I caught a cold waiting for the show to start. aha. More details another time.
I could go on and on, but here are some other highlights from the summer:
– MAGIC! x2
– John Legend
– My adorable cousins
– Colton Dixon
– Moriah Peters
– HAIM & EG x2
Sorry I had to cut a lot of my stories short. I didn’t want to make this post an essay so I’ll remember to include more details when I talk about these artists.
Hope you guys had a good summer!

Music That Gets Me | Razor – ASTR

Hay Girl Hay! If you’re not a girl then… Hay Boy Hay! It’s not the same… lol.

Today’s song is by a duo that I found out about early this year. I instantly fell in love with them. Literally instantly. I heard the first note of the song We Fall Down, and shivers ran through my body. The synths used are heavily outrageous. I say this because they are more of an alternative pop/r&b duo, and in order to create that sound, the big synths are needed. This usually happens to me when I listen to a pop band, and it makes me incredibly happy (if you’re new here, I’m a pop junkie).

The song is Razor. I’m gunna be honest with you. It wasn’t my cup of tea at first listen, probably because of the obscurity of the introduction. BUT, I fell in love with the chorus of the song. This song is so freakin catchy, from the melody of the verses to the chorus, to the bridge. I first started to fall in love with the beat of the song. Then the bass that matched the beat made me swoon. Then that chorus won me over.  That chorus.”In my, In my heart, in my heart, you’re taking me under” is probably the most catchy hook I’ve ever heard. The song ended up being my favourite song off their debut EP, and my most played beside their amazing cover of Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home. Zoe’s tone of voice is very unique and incredibly strong. I can definitely see why they went with this pop/r&b route with their music. I can see them becoming bigger in the future. Their whole EP features a bunch of incredibly catchy songs that will be stuck in your head for days. Their music makes me want to dance, it makes me nostalgic and it makes me happy. This is music that gets me.

Be sure to check out ASTR’s Razor, and also check out their debut EP Varsity. Have fun!

First Listen | Need to Know – Odd Year & The Reverb Junkie

Hey! I realized that I have mentioned “…when I first heard the song…” in a lot of my blog posts, so here’s a new segment I’m going to call First Listen. This will feature my opinions on songs that have recently come out and my reactions to the songs. All genuine reactions, nothing fake. You know me guys, I like to spit the truth. Even though sometimes I am a tad biased… lol.

This actually started out as a game for my friend Ash and I. We listened to songs for the first time and decided to record our reactions together. This segment is inspired by her.

Today The Reverb Junkie & Odd Year announced that their second collaborative EP has been released. I am a fan of both, so I had a hunch of what to expect. If you don’t know who these guys are, The Reverb Junkie is NBC’s The Voice, Michelle Chamuel, and her alternate EDM persona is The Reverb Junkie. In the summer of last year she released her debut album, All I Want. I’d also like to point out that she posted my cover on a song of hers on her TRJ tumblr last year. Check it out here! Odd Year, also known as David Gonzalez is a music producer/artist/programmer/remixer all within the EDM genre. Y’all know me, I like my EDM from time to time. 🙂

Here we go. Live reactions, written down. This should be interesting. If you want to listen to it as well, click the link at the top and press the play button now.

Intro – Okay, nice steady beat, digging the little synth melody. I’m bobbing my head to the beat. Cool.

Oh! The synths have a crescendo. It’s getting more prominent.

Verse – I like the melody so far. TRJ entering strong as always. Liking the echo, and the drop of the drum beat so we focus on the voice.

I hear that deeper tone now just as the drums come back in! A typical TRJ strategy. I always liked it, thought it was a cool effect.

Chorus – Still bopping my head. Short chorus, but really catchy. The deep tone is still evident.

Verse 2 – I like the drop of the beat in the second half of the verse. Kind of like an opposite approach of the first verse. Do you hear the percussion? It kind of sounds like a wooden xylophone. Never heard that in EDM. Nice touch David!

Instrumental – I can’t get over those wooden xylophone sounds! I actually really love it. Ahh here’s the long awaited distorted bass. I always had a love/hate relationship with them, but David seems to use it effectively here. It’s not overpowering which is something that’s easy to listen to.

Catchy chorus is catchy. Catchy chorus is catchy. Vocals on point. Girl slaying.

0:30 seconds left – I like this light synth. It kind of sounds like a lot of reverb with a guitar combined with an organ. Idk i’m not an expert on synths yet. Fading out.

Okay! So that was an interesting roller coaster. This song sounds more the minimalist type of electronic music than your typical progressive dance electronic music. My definition of minimalism is the more easy listening kind of electronic music. It’s probably the opposite of dub step. It’s calmer, relaxing and once again, easy to listen to. This was kind of the overall take of the EP, some songs were “louder” than others, so if you are an EDM fan, definitely check out EP 2 by Odd Year and the Reverb Junkie. Also make sure to check out a similar project by the both of them EP 1!

Juno Awards 2014

Okay. I know I’m almost a week late on this, but I just finished my 2nd last exam and I don’t have my next one for another 2 weeks. So I’m taking advantage of this time to FINALLY blog about the Junos. There are a couple of things that I need to get out there about the Junos, because this year was in my opinion, a good one. You’ll see why later. Here are my top 5 moments of the Junos.

5. Olympians

I know every two years we get Olympians on the Junos, and every time, I enjoy it. I don’t care what y’all think, but I love Canadian pride, and the Junos took advantage of getting gold medalists Team Jennifer Jones and Dara Howell to be presenters for this year’s broadcast.

4.  A Tribe Called Red

Congrats to these guys on winning the Breakthrough Group of the Year! Originally, I was rooting for the Born Ruffians, but I’m very happy to see this group get some love from the Junos too. It was much deserved. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re an electronic music group that combines elements of First Nations music into their sound. I know, you’re questioning it, but trust me. It’s a great combination.

3. Arcade Fire

These guys. Every time they play a show, they slay. I’m always impressed with their performances and  their stage presence. If you haven’t heard their new album, get it. It features so many catchy songs. These guys won two Junos out of six nominations! Congrats to them!

2. Serena Ryder

Fell in love with her 2 years ago, fell back into love with her when she hosted the Junos. Hosting suits her! I especially liked the mashup she did with her fellow co-host, Classified to open the show. I love watching her perform. She always looks like she loves what she’s doing and having a good time. She sang For You later in the show, and all I could say was “WOW”. Her voice is incredible. Let’s not forget when she stood up for the Biebs. #classy I’d also like to point out the mega girl group that she “formed” with Tegan and Sara called The Frost Biters was probably one of my favourite skits of the night. Serena won two awards at the Junos. 🙂 I need more Ryder in my life.

1. Tegan and Sara

Oh goodness. How can I even start. If you read my blog you know these ladies are my favourite artists to grace this earth, and even SEEING them at the Junos made me cry tears of joy. They were awarded the first award of the night, Single of the Year, then later received Group of the Year. They had won Pop album of the Year at the Gala the previous night, giving them a total of three Junos of the night. Guess what. That was the most Junos awarded at the Junos, and I couldn’t be more happy to be a fan of theirs. I’m glad that they’re FINALLY getting recognition within the industry, and more importantly within their home country. I can now say that they’re Juno award winners, and Grammy nominees. Well, nominee could turn into winner someday. They won an award for Heartthrob and I don’t think anyone really knows how happy this makes me. I personally love the album from beginning to end. There has been a lot of controversy within the fan base because of  the change of sound, but really, EFF that. They’re expressing artistry, and they’ve actually done pop in their earlier records, it just wasn’t as prominent. Heartthrob has created a new kind of pop; smart pop, not cliche mainstream pop, but alternative smart pop music that pulls on your heartstrings. I’m not saying this because I’m biased, but really, if you like music and pop as a genre, this is the start of something new. Tegan and Sara, congrats on your success. I’m very very proud of you.

Haha, I kinda got all emotional there with the T&S part. I really do love that the Junos are a way to give love to Canadian artists and that all of these artists that I’ve mentioned have been fortunate enough to win that love from the Junos. Congrats to all of the other winners and nominees as well. Overall, the Junos this year were great. Some minor let downs like the lack of appearances by big Canadian stars, and booing Canada’s very own Bieber, but minus that, still a great show.

Music That Gets Me | Bridges – Broods

Okay, no more excuses. I’ve got nothing as to why I haven’t been blogging lately. It’s probably because of school. Funny how I decide to make a post during the final days of classes. Next week is the final week of school. Errr… stress is coming. I can feel it.

This song… is probably one of my favourites so far of 2014. The Broods have this sound of synth pop and ease. You can relax to their music and you can jam to their music. I personally love their sound. When I first heard this song, I instantly fell in love. Georgia’s voice is so clear and pure. You can hear those little cracks in her voice that makes her voice sound so raw. That’s kind of my favourite kind of voice and I have no explanation as to why that is. I just love it. The production of this song is something else. The piano chords and that variations of it are so simple in this song, but it’s the melody of the instrumentals that make this song so easy to love. It’s catchy and it builds up. The verses are intimate and chilled, then the buildup of the drums and the synths come in at the pre-chorus, and in the chorus everything comes together and combines into a melodically catchy chorus with backup vocals to die for, and synths that will take you back to the 80s. I’m in love with this song and this band. This is music that gets me.

You can check out the Brood’s new EP on iTunes (etc.) and check out the song and newly released music video for “Bridges” down below. Happy listening!